Workpad is an open source collaborative tool, which helps to connect with members to work on tasks.

A member can create an organization and host a job, and he can invite existing members or new members to work on the job. Members in turn can form groups among them. The users are the members who are registered with Workpad. There will be one super Admin. A member who creates a job is the originator, and one member among the group will be an owner.

Advanced Features

  • User Management
  • Organization
  • Groups
  • Work
    • Jobs
    • Tasks
  • Data (File Upload & Download)
  • Chat
  • Push Notifications (iOS & Android)
  • Audits
  • Schedules

Groups: An admin can create multiple groups within an organization, and can accept or reject the groups created by other members. Users can also create sub-groups within a group.

Chat: The ‘Chat’ feature allows anyone in an organization to chat with its members. Users can also send or receive messages within a group or a sub-group.

Vault: A ‘Vault’ of an organization, group, or a sub-group allows users to upload, or access any type of files. Users can be given permission to view, download and edit the files.

Host a Job: Host multiple jobs and assign tasks within a job to multiple users. Owner of a job can change the status of a task to “Finished”, once he is satisfied by the work.

Rating System: An owner of a job can rate the users who are associated with the job. Users in turn can also rate the owner of a job. The profile of any member displays average rating he/ she received for the jobs they have done, and this will help the organization in analysing performance of a member.