Creating a complete online learning platform for a market of 250 million school students in India

 The goal of the platform is to use the power of internet to connect students with distinguished teachers through a virtual learning environment where LIVE learning could take place seamlessly over low-bandwidth internet connections in India.

Build an adaptive assessment platform where students can take online assessments with varying difficulty levels. Develop and implement intelligent algorithms to provide personal and competitive performance analysis to students. Help students improve at a faster rate by providing smart learning recommendations.

Advanced Features

  • Editor for math formulas and equations
  • Creating a virtual classroom environment that integrates seamlessly with the assessment platform
  • Adaptive assessment platform for homework and exams
  • Developing intelligent algorithms to provide personal and competitive performance analysis with learning recommendations.

EnLume’s Solution

  • Quiz engine to take quiz, evaluate and generate performance reports
  • Redis for session management to implement hardware load balancing for online contests
  • WizIq integration for Live classes
  • Question bank with different type of questions
  • Discussion board with categories
  • Different portal for students, teachers and admin based
    on user roles

Business Impact


  • 30,000 Registered Students
  • 50+ Schools use the adaptive assessment platform
  • 350 passionate teachers connected across India

Knowledge Delivery

  • 1000+ Live classes conducted
  • 2000+ Doubts cleared through discussion forum
  • 100,000 Questions solved collectively by students

Cognitive Impact

  • Students experience a 20-30% improvement in their school performance in STEM subjects
  • Students are actively engaged and find STEM problems easier to solve
  • Students are rewarded for their participation and performance

“Live classes are really good and my teachers taught really well. Also, taking weekly and monthly tests has really helped me in cracking Olympiad.”

L V Vivek, Grade 10th (MPC Course) Topper of NAO Olympiad Going to NASA on sponsored educational tour

“Nandini enjoys the math classes very much. The course material is really good. She is performing better in her school also. I am happy!”

Ganga, Mother of Nandini (Class 10th).