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ASO Checklist: 2017 Edition

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There are more than 3.1M apps in the app stores, and 1000s of new apps get added every day. There are hundreds of apps that go unnoticed for every app that gets featured by Apple app store or Google play store. To beat the competition, and get into the top charts, it is important to not neglect the factors that increase the visibility of an app.

App Store Optimization is the process of increasing organic traffic and downloads of an app. ASO is not something that can be ‘set and forget’ but is an ongoing process. With that in mind, the items in the following checklist are the initial ‘optimised’ steps of setting up an app to ensure maximum visibility. Every step in the checklist will incrementally improve the visibility of an app in the app stores.

How to use this ASO checklist to optimize your app:

Use this checklist before submitting your app to the app store. Download and print the PDF version, and ‘check’ the tasks when they are done.

App Title:

  • Chosen Keywords with a high volume and less competition

         List out the top 3-4 Keywords here ___________________________________

  • Added most important keywords in the title
  • Removed repeated keywords and stop words (on, at, the)
  • Removed spaces and added commas to separate the keywords
  • There are no repeated keywords / stop word (on, at, the)
  • Character Limit checked:
    • 30 for Google Play Store
    • 255 for Apple App Store

App Description:

  • Added unique benefits and features of the app in the first three lines of the description
  • All features are listed in the description
  • Proofread the description for any grammatical error or typo
  • Added Social Proof (Awards, Reviews, Testimonials)
  • Character Limit checked: 4000 for both the stores
  • Added contact information
    • Email
    • Website


  • Provided keywords and description in the native language of the countries your app will be available
  • Localised the screenshots for the countries your app will be available

App Icon and Screenshots:

  • Colors used in the icon and screenshots follow your style guide
  • Limit for number of screenshots, checked:
    • 5 for Apple App Store
    • 8 for Google Play Store
  • Optimized the screenshots for each screen size (Android and iOS)
  • Added text to the screenshots to describe them
  • Added screenshots with most important features at first 3 places
  • Added a Feature graphic (Google Play only)

Preview Video:

  • Presented key features along with app’s experience in the video
  • Playtime limit, checked:
    • 30 seconds for Apple app store
    • 2 minutes for Google play store
  • Added poster frame for the video

At each Update

  • Update screenshots to reflect the current version
  • Update the ‘What’s New’ section

Periodical Optimization

  • A/B Test your screenshots in first 2 weeks
  • Maintain weekly performance tracker with most valuable metrics for your app
  • Bi-weekly test your keywords, and replace bad performing keywords with new ones
  • Make monthly updates to the app title, icon, video and screenshots
  • Add replies to the users’ comments asap

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